Saturday, January 4, 2014

Farmer's Market

Our first visit to the Punta Gorda farmer's market was very successful.  We spent most of our $40 but got a lot of great, fresh veggies.
I can't remember all the prices but the stuffed olives were $9, the most expensive item we purchased.  We have been craving them ever since we left last April, the ones at W-M aren't quite the same.  

The three lemons were $1 (something like 47 cents each at W-M), the two containers of strawberries were $5 and the avocado was $2.  Now, that seems like a lot for an avocado but it's huge!
happy avocado
I bet it weighs more than a pound and it's nearly as big as Bill's head.
Bill is such a good sport...the avocado had no choice
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