Friday, January 24, 2014

I'm So Blue

I lost something very special today!
One of the gold loop earrings that Bill gave to me many years ago, early in our relationship.  They were one of my favorite pair of earrings, just because they were simple and went with anything and everything.   I always, ALWAYS check to make sure they are latched securely so I'm not sure what happened.

We took our usual morning walk this morning, from near the Courthouse to the hospital and back.  It was chilly, 58* and windy; I was wearing my hooded sweatshirt and I put my fleece jacket on when I got out of the car.  Maybe it came off when I flipped my hood up to put on my jacket.  We took Titan home then drove to Panera Bread for lunch and that's when I noticed it was missing.  I'm in the habit of checking several times a day just to be sure my earrings are both there, mostly because I'm afraid I'LL LOSE ONE! :(  I had taken off the sweatshirt at home but searched my jacket, the car seat and the floor with no success.  I checked when we got back home, thinking I might find it on the floor or in the chair where I had set my sweatshirt, then hoping I had gotten sidetracked while putting them on and maybe I didn't really ever put it on.  Not the case, it wasn't in my jewelry bag.

So, tomorrow we will walk the same route and see if by some miracle, we can find it.  I'm staying positive for now, because stranger things have happened.

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