Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Conservancy of Southwest Florida

We saw this advertised on tv and decided to check it out.  It took us a little over an hour to reach it, located in Naples.  The entrance fee was $12.95 and as it turned out, we thought it was a little pricey.  That being said, the Conservancy does have a well intentioned mission statement: "To protect Southwest Florida's unique natural environment and quality of and forever." so we considered it a donation.
The venue didn't seem very large but it does cover 21 acres.  The fee included an electric boat ride around the lagoon and a section of the Gordon River.  Unfortunately, trees had fallen across the river so the ride was quite abbreviated.  It was very relaxing because the electric boats don't make any noise, so you are just floating along checking out the wildlife.  We did see a great blue heron, an anhinga and a golden retriever.
My middle name, kind of cool.  Bet they have more money than I do!
Bill and the electric boats

We're off.
We visited the von Arx Wildlife Hospital but there wasn't much to see other than several Pelicans rehabbing in the Shore Bird Pool.
Wants to be a trapeze artist in the next life

We checked out the newly remodeled Discovery Center where there are a few fish and snakes, along with a "touch me" pool.  
Gorgeous Lion Fish, too bad he's poisonous
The Lion Fish was not in the pool but there were horseshoe crabs, decorator urchins that put shells on themselves and sea stars.  Sea stars used to be called star fish but since they aren't really fish they are now called sea stars.  

I will say that each employee and/or volunteer we came into contact with was very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and informative.

It was a cool and cloudy day so this was a decent way to spend the afternoon, although we probably won't go back and it's unlikely we will recommend it.  We would much rather recommend Corkscrew Swamp!

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