Saturday, January 28, 2012


We take the dog for a walk while we are in FL, assuming the weather is good.  We have enjoyed clear blue skies and warm temperatures, which means we have been out walking.  One of our favorite places to walk is called "Harborwalk" and it follows the Peace River as it flows into Charlotte Harbor. 

There have been a few changes along the walk since last year.
There is a new Tiki Bar this year...
That handsome man & his nice dog are still here   
Last year we saw three manatees and several dolphins.  We saw this dolphin last week.
It's hard to take good pictures of dolphins
Last year they started working on this section of the walk.
It's been widened and paved,
lights and landscaping were added,
even benches, doggie bags and decorative trash cans were installed.
There is a lot of wildlife around here.  Last year Bill saw an alligator along this section but he got so excited he couldn't make his camera take a picture.  Since wildlife can't read the "sidewalk closed" signs they didn't realize the concrete was wet.
Obviously some type of bird
Not sure yet, still learning
I feel like I should know these, raccoon maybe?
These are so cool ;o)  There's a snake print too, but I didn't get a good photo.

It's a really nice walk, maybe 2-3 miles.  There are two piers where people can get off the walk and overlook the river.  So can their dogs.
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