Friday, September 14, 2012

Jordan Pond Trail 9.14.12

After beating ourselves up for the last three days (thanks to great weather) and knowing we had to head home later, we didn't want to get involved in a long, time consuming hike.  Instead, we decided to take an easy hike/walk today around Jordan Pond. 

The day started out very foggy but had burned off by the time we got into the park.

Can't tell where the water ends and the sky begins
The Jordan Pond Trail is a fairly easy 3.2 mile walk around the perimeter of Jordan Pond.  The path is quite flat and easy on one side, while the other side is more rocky, but not difficult.  We started at 11:00 (big surprise) and finished up at 12:55.  

The ecosystems along the edge of lakes, ponds and streams is very fragile and easily destroyed so many areas have raised walkways in place to protect them.
Viewing the Jordan Pond House from the other end of the pond offers a different perspective.
Can you imagine being the first person to find this spot?

One of my favorite places along this path is tucked away in a little cove not far from the beginning, if you go counter clockwise.  Since the path is constructed of gravel, there is a lot of crunching underfoot, but this section isn't gravel, so it's very quiet.
Today we spotted a really green frog, like a Kermit green frog and a good sized fish.

Of course, we ended our walk with a visit to the Jordan Pond House for our favorite treat.  Today was the first time either of us remember the umbrellas being open.
Umbrellas open for business
Popover, tea, butter and homemade strawberry jam
Did I mention that we LOVE the popovers and tea?  You get a big, warm popover and when it's gone, they bring you another big, warm popover.  Heavenly!

They even allow well behaved dogs.
A nice, quiet boxer.
I will sit here patiently and wait for you to drop some of your popover.
We had a great time and enjoyed the dry, sunny weather.  Can't wait to get back next year.

Looking back...2008

Thuya Gardens, Northeast Harbor

We stayed at the Llangolan Inn this time because there was no vacancy at Edgewater and found a nice beach down the road to watch the sunset.
Sunset from Hadley Point
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