Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Carriage Trails 9.12.12

Another beautiful day today, although the sky was a milkier blue than yesterday.  After all that hiking yesterday, we decided to ride our bikes today.  We started at the Jordan Pond House and rode UPHILL for what seemed like a long time but it gave us a great view of Jordan Pond that we couldn't get anywhere else.
Overlooking Jordan Pond from the carriage road
We took the loop around Jordan Pond and combined it with the loop around Eagle Lake and Bubble Pond.  I didn't take time to figure out how far it was but we rode off and on for about three hours.  The trails are seldom flat but the downhills make the uphills worth it; well, almost worth it.

We found ourselves a great spot in the sun and stopped along the edge of Eagle Lake for a snack and potty break.  We used the nearby restroom for the potty break ;o)
Pemetic Mtn. in the center, Sargent Mtn. on the right
After continuing around Eagle Lake we rode another half hour and stopped at Bubble Pond for lunch.
The perfect bench to soak up the sun and have some lunch

Another thirty-five minutes and we landed back at the J.P.H. for popovers and tea.  Unfortunately, we had the worst service we have ever experienced while there.  It was a good 15 minutes before our server even made contact with us.  However, we enjoyed our treat, the sun and scenery as much as we always do.

We returned to our cottage and sat outside in the sun until it went behind the trees, changed and headed into town to use our Groupon at The Fish House Grill.  We've had the Groupon for so long I can't remember how much we paid but we enjoyed a very good meal.
Lobster Bisque
Maine lobster and fresh green beans
I don't think I have ever ordered a lobster dinner so it was quite an experience but as I said, very good.  Bill had the same, as the Groupon was for lobster dinner for two, but he had red potatoes.  We each had a ginger ale and cranberry juice and received a bill for $5.75.  SWEET!  We did leave our waitress a generous tip.

We walked up the street to check out a restaurant Wendy & Dan are considering for their anniversary, LaBellaVita.  It seemed to have a nice atmosphere and included an outside patio which would be great on a warm night like tonight.  The dinner meals averaged $25/$30 and it appeared to be reasonably busy. 

We are very seldom in the town of Bar Harbor at night but it was kind of fun.
It was a very full day.

Looking back...2005
Day Mtn. summit
The only carriage road that goes to a summit is the Day Mtn. road.

I was thinner then...

Carriage road up Day Mtn.
Eagle Lake from the summit of Connor's Nubble, off the carriage road
Sunset reflected in Eagle Lake off the road up Cadillac Mtn.
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