Thursday, September 13, 2012

B Day 9.13.12

Today was for the B's.  True to form at 11:00 we started by hiking/climbing the Beehive.  This is the fourth time we have done it and I didn't remember it being so scary for me.  The view of Sand Beach is phenomenal.
It's a pretty steep climb with several areas where you have to climb up iron rungs and one area you walk over an iron bridge.
Seriously???  Who thought of this anyway?  It can't be safe!!!  Can it???  I don't remember it from the last three times but obviously I made it across without incident.  Just as I was starting to hyperventilate and curse under my breath, some young guy came practically running up the trail, wearing crocs.  CROCS for crying out loud.  Who wears CROCS to climb up the side of a mountain?  I was kind of nervous sweaty hugging the mountain for dear life but nothing on this trail seemed to bother Bill.
Didn't even break a sweat
It was a perfect day with blue skies and warm temps (low 70's).  We reached the summit in about 30 minutes and stopped on our favorite rock for a snack.  The only complaint was the two guys behind us that didn't know the meaning of talking quietly.  BLAH.BLAH.BLAH.
Porcupine Islands
Schoodic Point
From here we headed down the hill to The Bowl, a beautiful pond hidden in the woods.
The Bowl with Champlain Mtn. in the background
This could be one of my favorite places.  There are several places where you can sit and relax around the edge.  Because many of the lakes/ponds are part of the public water supply, this is one of the few ponds in which one can swim.  So bring along a towel and take a dip.  The closest we got to getting wet was the year I dropped my sunglasses into the water.  Oops ;o(  Luckily it was shallow and Mr. Bill rescued them for me ;o)

Generally, from here we hike to the summit of Gorham Mtn, then down the other side to the Park Loop Road and walk back along the Ocean Path.  However, today we decided to return via The Bowl Trail, which is much shorter so we could spend some time sitting in the sun and reading.

We were back to the trailhead by 1:00.  We walked down to Sand Beach to find a rather strong, cool breeze coming off the water, which explained why there weren't many people on the beach, although the parking lot was full.

We drove a little way down the Park Loop Road, parked the car in a lot, took our lunch, books and chairs across the road to the pink granite shoreline, where we spent a couple of hours just sitting and enjoying the surf (maybe taking a little snooze).  It was perfect!
We skipped the J.P.H. today and went into town, where we walked around, window shopped (Bill found himself a new pit bull t-shirt) and got a pizza at Little Anthony's.  

We couldn't have asked for better weather the past three days, highly unusual for us.

It only makes sense for Wendy Bee to climb the Beehive with her man, Dan. 

A look back...June, 2006
Northeast Harbor
 Asticou Terrace gardens...

We went twice that year, June and September.

Obligatory photo on top of The Beehive
Full moon over Cadillac Mtn.
Fog moving in over Porcupine Islands
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  1. I've found that the Beehive keeps getting scarier as I get older. There are several sections where it seems like one slip will result in death. It must not be as dangerous as it looks though, because I never hear anything in the news about scores of tourists falling off of it.

    1. Maybe it is age but it does seem to get scarier every time. You are right, there isn't a long list of names that didn't make it back. Although, sadly, someone died on the Precipice this year, even that is quite rare.

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