Saturday, October 6, 2012

It's Not McDougals

Wendy and I spent last night and today visiting with Greg, Vanessa and our beautiful Ella Bella.
Beautiful Ella Bella
We arrived a little before dinner and enjoyed a delightful Tuscan Bean Soup made by Greg.  After dinner Auntie Wendy and I played with Ella in her awesome playroom, then got to snuggle and read some bedtime stories.

This morning Ella showed me the new tree her daddy planted for her
See, I can touch the top of the tree

My daddy and I love the outdoors
Three Wehmeyers
Then we tagged along for Ella's dance lesson
Sharing the back seat with Auntie Wendy

Bring on the music
Ella changed her clothes, we went to lunch and headed North in two separate cars, equipped with GPS, to pick apples.  

As it turns out, due to a number of reasons, the apple picking season ended early this year so we drove for nearly an hour before reaching Honey Pot Hill Orchards.  This is a 200 acre farm growing apples and pears, offering hayrides and a hedge maze.  We didn't realize it  also includes more than one entrance and more than one parking lot!

We also discovered that going to the ONE orchard that still offered apple picking, on a warm and sunny day on the biggest weekend during foliage season was not just our idea but an idea shared with hundreds, if not thousands, of other people.  OMG!
Lots of cars

and lots more people
Since we were in different cars, we ended up coming in from different directions and parking in different lots.  We discovered that Wendy and I were at one of the entrances and Greg, Vanessa and Ella were at the entrance on the opposite side of the farm.  It was a disturbing and annoying complication to our apple picking plans.

After something like 30 minutes and several phone calls, we caught up with the other three, determined that Wendy could not participate in the hayride because of her allergy to hay and started walking toward the trees with apples. 

CA-BOOM!  What the heck?  It's probably nothing...CA-BOOM!

This is not promising.  Ella really doesn't like LOUD noises and this is LOUD.  

There were old planes flying overhead and lots of canon and rifle fire for the next hour or so.  It turns out Stow, MA was the site of the reenactment Battle for the Airfield.  This is the only event of this type - in the world!  What are the chances that the reenactment of a WWII battle is taking place practically right on top of us???  Quite frankly, it was not the atmosphere we were looking for.  Ella was quite upset, Greg & I were cranky and the air reverberated with the sounds of war. 
Sort of smiling & pretending to have fun
On top of that, the sky had turned dark and was threatening rain.  That would be the icing on the cake!  Thankfully, it didn't take long to fill our bag with apples
These apples are BIG!
and before long we were headed back to the cars.  Greg, Wendy & I walked, while Vanessa and Ella took the hayride.
Waiting for the hayride
It wasn't what we anticipated but it was an ADVENTURE and a story we can share for years to come.

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  1. Nice summary :)

    I've already gotten lots of mileage out of the story of our trip to the orchard. I'm sure I'll be telling it again at lunchtime with my coworkers.