Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Terrific Tuesday

We started today without any big plans.  It actually started too early for me with my toilet tank running over about 0700.  What a pain!  Apparently part of the assembly inside the tank came loose and as it was filling, the water was hitting the lid of the tank, running between the lid and the tank itself and covering the floor.  ARGH!!!  That's what towels are for, right?  As I said, 0700 is not my preferred wake-up time, so what's a woman to do...throw down a couple of towels and go back to bed, of course.

There was a craft fair in our favorite little park.  We left the car down at Fisherman's Village (I'll get pictures soon) and walked to the fair.  Although there were some interesting items for sale, a lot of it was jewelry.  Mr. Bill gives me all the jewelry I can possibly wear, so I sure didn't need to buy more.    I did purchase a small dish of mango Italian ice.  OMG, it was delicious!  (probably not on the South Beach diet but...it was the SMALL dish)

From there, we walked back to FV, had a coffee on the deck and headed to the shelter for our time with the dogs.  Since we are not able to have pets at the condo, we are not able to own a dog, so this is our way of getting our animal fix.  We aren't sure whether it makes us or the dogs happier.

We stopped for a quick salad at McDonalds, did a change of clothes at home and headed to the gym.  We decided that today we would try something different; we worked out separately.  We actually got out of the gym in 45 minutes and each had a great workout.

There was another path that we wanted to try across the bridge so we headed that direction.  It runs through a park that is new since Hurricane Charley.  It's a beautiful path that meanders along the Peace River for about 3 miles.  There are many benches to stop and sit and they even supply doggie "poop" bags.  After walking for 30 minutes, we took advantage of one of the benches and watched the sunset, then completed another 15 minutes back to the car.

It was a great day; lots of time outside, lots of sun, lots of exercise.  

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