Monday, January 25, 2010

What are we up to?

Nothing and everything.  Today didn't get started till afternoon because we were waiting for Sears to deliver the new stove.  They did come during the 2 hour delivery window and were very polite and efficient; even hauled away the old, disgusting stove.  To it's credit, it did survive Charley so I guess I could cut it a little slack but it's time had come to be gone.

I didn't seem to be able to get a photo without my feet reflecting in the darn door!  I can't actually remember the last time I owned a NEW stove.  This wasn't even the cheapest one, which I'm sure will surprise some people I know.  Alas, this is what the top looked like by the time dinner had been prepared.  Not pretty huh?  That would be the plastic bag that was holding the little non abrasive scrubber for the glass top.  I'm pretty sure if you look closely at the writing it says something like..."Hey, stupid.  Yeah, you!  Don't place plastic bag on hot burner, evah!"  Actually, the little bag was stuck to the bottom of the pan before it was stuck to the burner.  All I could think was "swear word, swear word, swear word".  But, never fear, Mr. Bill got it all cleaned up, good as new.  Well, yeah, it IS new and now it looks new again.  ;o)  Mr. Bill turned over the door on the dishwasher so now it is white, too, instead of gold and he had already hung a new range hood.  The kitchen is looking pretty good.  Thank you, Mr. Bill. 

We did some shopping at the "good" Goodwill.  That's the one located in Punta Gorda and it's quite a little drive to get there.  Much bigger and better stuff than the one down the road in Port Charlotte.  I scored by finding these...

a salad spinner (less than $3 when the only new ones I could find were $15) and a little fish for the kitchen window.  The window is over the sink which looks out into the laundry room/sweatshop, then overlooks the back yard and the rear of the shopping centerIt's quite a view so the little fish brightens it up.  I would like to have a whole row of pretty fishes.

I also found a small wastebasket for the sweatshop, a pair of navy shorts, 2 pair of lounging pants and two shirts for the shelter.  I wanted a couple of shirts that wouldn't bother me to get dirty or torn or whatever.  All that for $30!  

While I was shopping Bill stayed in the car and learned all about this new toy.
 It's a Canon Rebel XSI with an additional zoom lens.  He has been looking at them for quite a while now and decided it was time.  Learning about this little gem should keep him busy for several days weeks months. 

That was about all we got done today but it was a good day, nevertheless.  No rain, no snow, nothing but sun.  All is well here, hope you are the same.

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