Friday, January 29, 2010

The Ultimate Discount

I'm not sure whether it was my father-in-law, Robert Wehmeyer, or my former husband, Bob Wehmeyer, that introduced me to the saying...The Ultimate Discount.  I don't think either of them coined the phrase but it was a new one for me.  You can probably imagine what it means: FREE!  What could be better than FREE unless someone paid you to do something you would have done anyway. 

We opened a new account at a local bank in order to facilitate getting money into a house account.  These came in the mail.
Two tickets for a FREE dinner at the Golden Corral, a buffet restaurant.  (When was the last time your bank sent you anything for free?)  We had actually tried this place last week and it was quite good; we had decided that we would go again so these were a pleasant surprise.  We did indulge ourselves a little too much last time at the dessert table but have vowed to be better next time.  ;o)

We got a late start today.  While I showered and did my hair and makeup, Mr. Bill replaced the guts in the toilet in my bathroom.  He had already done some work on it; however, it continued to refill occasionally for no reason and twice has "flooded" the bathroom.  Now, you might ask yourself, "how long does it take me to get ready for the day if Mr. Bill can do all that in the same amount of time?"  My answer is simple...he works slow.  haha, just kidding  I don't wake up lookin' this good, you know.  It takes time!

We went to the shelter, than for a walk, then for dinner at the Fishermen's Village.  Dinner was okay, nothing special; we won't go back.   There was a group playing in the same area that holds the farmer's market.  They played "variety, classic and dance" music.  We stayed for a couple of hours, enjoyed the music and danced.  

There is some sort of musical entertainment there several nights a week.  We went last Friday also when there was a small band playing "big band music".  Unfortunately, last week we were reminded how many dance steps we have forgotten.   The few steps that we do remember are very.expensive.steps. considering the money we have spent on dance lessons.  

We enjoyed a beautiful evening.  Tomorrow is the farmer's market and the Fine Arts and Crafts Fair.  Oh goody!

We heard that the weather was pretty brutal at home today.  Please be careful and stay safe; we love you.

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  1. It's 3 degrees here right now, with a wind chill of -14!

    On the bright side, I got a cool picture of the frost on our bedroom window.