Sunday, June 11, 2017

Riding to Bug Light Park

After weeks of cold, wet, cloudy, dreary days, seems like summer might have finally arrived. Although it was predicted to be in the 90's, we took the bikes and headed for Wainwright Fields in Scarborough for our first bike ride of the year.  From there we rode to Bug Light Park, one of our favorite destinations.

It was hot (90*) but there was a good wind blowing, at about 10-12 mph.  We stayed for about an hour, having snacks and enjoying the spectacular day.  When we are in Florida, I forget how beautiful the coast of Maine is.
The ride back was a lot of work, pedaling into the wind but we enjoyed our afternoon.  This field of tall grass blowing in the wind was a lot prettier than the picture...
These flowers were blooming in bunches all along the trail.  I call them wild Sweet William but I'm pretty sure they are called something else.  
We also saw one of the 100+ cruise ships coming to Portland this summer, lots of flying kites and could hear music from the Old Port Festival.

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