Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Arrived at the gardens in Boothbay just in time for lunch.  We ordered from the outside window and enjoyed our meal in the veggie garden.  It was nice and warm and the food was okay...nothing special but pricey!
From there, we walked and walked and walked.
 Giant alliums...

 I love this rabbit...
 and this rock labyrinth...

We brought home a nice map of the gardens but I can't find it so my descriptions might not be the best.  Oh well...

This was an area of dogwood trees, all in bloom.

Lady slippers... I've only ever seen pink ones. 

We walked down the hill, passing these ferns
and this sculpture
on our way to this reflecting pool and meditation area.
I think this might be my favorite area of the gardens.  The Sheepscot River is in the background.

Everyone should go to the gardens looking like a butterfly!
We passed the Fairy House Village, where you can build a nice fairy house.  

This sculpture is titled "Mother Earth".
We reached the azalea and rhododendron garden just as it started to RAIN!
and then it POURED and we were as far away from the visitor's center as you can get.  Needless to say, we were soaked by the time we walked up the hill, and everyone knows I HATE BEING WET!!!  Put a bit of a damper on my day but by the time we got inside and went to the bathroom, it stopped, so we visited the places we missed before heading home.

The Children's Garden...
These wolves are made of metal and used to be along the entrance road but it is being upgraded so they have been moved into the gardens.
This reminds me of fireworks...
Proof that it rained...
Soaked and still smiling.  He is such a good sport.  Me...not so much ;o(

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