Friday, June 30, 2017

Shortcake and Daiquiris

It's strawberry time and the picking is marvelous!  I brought along my stool, as well as the box I bought for $1 a couple of years ago.  I'll be darned if I'm paying an extra dollar every year to buy a box!  

Anyway, I set my alarm for 30 minutes so I know when to stop picking, otherwise I have no idea how long I'm there.  Then, after 30 minutes I look at my box and think "that's not very many" so I pick for another 15-20 minutes, then I look at my box and think "wow, that's way too many strawberries".  I'm going to write myself a note for next year "STOP picking after 30 minutes and WALK AWAY!"

I picked nearly 10 pounds of berries and spent $22 ($2.25/#).  That will make a lot of daiquiris and  shortcake!
A perfect specimen
10 pounds worth
I always joke with Bill that everywhere I go, I'm underdressed.  I rest my case!
My once-a-year daiquiri was good but had a lot of foam, I think it's the new blender.  And I need to remember to add sugar along the rim, before I fill the glass!  
The shortcakes were delicious.

I gave some of the berries to Lori, as well as Wendy & Dan.  I will be putting most of the rest in the freezer.

I stopped to check out the blueberry bushes on my way out.  They are loaded!
At least I know where to go if ours don't produce well.  

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