Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Perfect Beach Day

Since our last day at the beach sucked, we tried it again today.  The weather was absolutely perfect...hi 70's, light wind, not a cloud in the sky!
We grabbed lunch at Subway and ate at Port Charlotte Beach Park.  The parking is still FREE but it was limited because apparently there is a regatta this weekend, not today, but this weekend.  Go figure...

We found a great spot in front of the boardwalk and had it all to ourselves, all afternoon.  The water was nice and warm and even when the tide came in, we still had plenty of beach.  
There was evidence of the upcoming regatta when three racing catamarans came around the end of the pier and "docked" on the beach.  They didn't technically dock, there were two people on each one, they stopped close to the beach, one of the people got a set of tires with an axle, brought them into the water and placed them under the catamaran, then they wheeled them out of the water and onto the sand.  It was very interesting to watch.
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