Wednesday, February 8, 2017

As Promised...More Naples Botanical Gardens

We walked along the shore of Lake Tupke to the Brazilian Garden, which you can see from this earlier photo...
This is the view looking back from the top.
There is a really nice pool at the top, where the "Master Peace" origami is currently residing.
This sculpture is made up of 500 origami cranes and stands 25 feet tall.  It's very impressive.

There are some pretty cool lily pads floating in the pool, as well.

There is a much better picture of them on the NBG home page.

One of the vines blooming near the pool.

From here, we walked into the Caribbean Garden and found these plantain/bananas "blooming".  We weren't sure which they were and never found anyone to ask.  I'll call them bananas.
I may have seen bananas growing when we were in Jamaica but never this close.  

This Gru-Gru palm tree was in the same area.  It's a palm tree with long thorns that grow along the trunk and they are SHARP!  It's native to the Dominican Republic.

internet photo
The "Balancing Act" was the sculpture we came to next.
So many of the sculptures are white and it was super sunny, which makes them hard to see in the photos.  I'm sure Greg could have taken much better pictures.

Next up...the Succulent Garden and the "Emerging Peace" piece ;o)  haha

In case you can't' a butterfly.
Wonder how they keep a succulent garden growing in tropical Florida...

"Flying Folds" is located along the path to The South Grove, which contains several smaller gardens, an overlook and a labyrinth, which we somehow missed completely.
The path meandered between Lake Tuple on one side
and this stream/waterfall on the other
until it comes to Lucy's Landing, which overlooks Deep Lake and is home to the sculpture "Folding Planes".
Seems more like UNfolding planes to me.  Bill spotted an alligator on the far side of the lake.

We continued along the shore of Deep Lake, past the "Light Boat" sculpture, to the bathrooms.
I really liked this one!

We followed the path through the Idea Garden and the Enabling Garden back to the South Grove, where we rested our feet.
Cactus blooming in the Idea Garden
From here we could see the blooming African Tulip Tree
internet photo
and this white sculpture, which isn't one of the origami sculptures and I can't remember what it's called.

That's it for now, more to follow.

Thanks for stopping by...

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