Thursday, February 9, 2017

It's a Wrap...Naples Botanical Gardens

This is the boardwalk leading into the Asian Garden and overlooking the River of Grass.  While we were reading one of the informational posters, we heard "crashing" in the grass behind us and spotted an armadillo.  That's only the second one we have seen in our nine years here.
This is a beautiful teak table and benches.
One of several mosaic tile walls along the entrance.
Other interesting items in the Asian Garden but oddly, not many "garden" pictures.
Candi Sukuh
Finally, the orchid garden.  I love taking pictures of orchids, but have no idea why.  I just like the way they turn out, I guess.  The orchid garden at Marie Selby is inside, however, this one is outside and somewhat smaller.  It is currently home to the "Rising Cranes" origami.
Some are big, some are super small but they are all so beautiful!

This was the last sculpture we spotted on our way out.
"Gathering Peace"
I think it's pretty difficult to see what it looks like, so I copied a photo from the website.
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