Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Naples Botanical Garden

This is another venue that has been on our list for several years.  When we saw that there was an origami art exhibit featured in the gardens, we decided this was the year we crossed it off.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our visits to the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota and were surprised at how much larger these gardens seemed.  After some research I have learned that the MSBG cover 15 acres, while the NBG cover 170!  No wonder we spent nearly 3 hours there and still missed parts of it.

The first origami was located just inside the entrance...
"Nesting Pair"
The blooming Flame Vine...
A view of the Burle Marx Plaza.  I think this was one of my favorite sections of the gardens.
The Children's Garden...
Splash Pool
There were several of these leaves/fronds in the walkway.
The "Raptor" and "Armijo's Mouse" are two separate origami pieces placed near one another, the raptor overlooking the mouse.  It is called "Who Saw Who?"

The bison...
Small Bison
Large Bison
NO climbing or touching the art!
The butterfly garden...
Zebra butterfly
Shell turtle...
"Mer Princess"
The Hidden Garden...
Apparently one can use just about anything as a flower pot.

We walked along the Uplands Trail and ended up at Lake Tupke.
Ghost Orchid Boardwalk
Lake Tupke
More tomorrow!

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  1. 170 acres should keep you busy for a while :)