Thursday, April 28, 2016


About a month ago, while still in FL, I was playing with Titan and noticed an area behind his upper front teeth that didn't look quite right.  We agreed to have it checked out when we got home and that's what we did today.

Dogs like Titan tend to have an abundance of gum tissue and that's what we were hoping the issue would be; however, the vet seems to feel it is a tumor that needs to be removed.

Next week didn't work for our schedules, so he will go in on May 11th for anesthesia, x-rays and a biopsy.  If she feels it hasn't progressed too far, she will remove it, along with some of his upper teeth.  If she feels it's more than she can handle, we will have to take him to a specialist.

I'm so bummed.  I know either way, it will be painful for him and I'm hoping that it isn't anything super serious and if it is, I hope I noticed it early enough!

Wish us luck and send some positive energy our way.  We are planning to have this handsome man around for a long time!
Ahhhhhh, Floor-i-duh sunshine
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