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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

Although I'm not Bill's mother, he always treats me like a Queen and Mother's Day is no exception.  He surprised me with a beautiful card and bouquet.
Thank you!
For the past several years, I have enjoyed celebrating Mother's Day by going to brunch with Bill, Wendy and Dan.  We have tried a few different places but my favorite was Varano's Italian Restaurant, although they are no longer offering a special Mother's Day brunch.

This year was different because both Wendy and Greg had made plans to visit their dad in Vermont, which didn't upset me in any way.  It just meant making other plans.  At some point, Paula called with "an idea".  It's funny, but for as long as most of us can remember, those words from Paula brought moans and groans, although her ideas were usually good ones.  This time was no exception.  Her idea...if I didn't have plans, would I like to go to her house, then go to visit Grandma Bee.  What a great idea.

Bill and I headed out early enough to stop by Wendy and Dan's, where I picked up a beautiful fuchsia plant and wonderful card from Wendy.

Now, if I can just keep it alive.
Greg's nice card had arrived a couple of days earlier.  In fact, all of the cards I received this year expressed very touching sentiments.  

As it turned out, we left way too early, so we drove around Gorham for awhile, checking out new developments and recent structure fires.  We arrived about 2:15 and the four of us, Bill and I, David and Paula, left for the nursing home where Bee has resided for the past several years.  It was the first time I have visited her there and it was difficult to see her to small and frail.  She is 95 after all.

She seemed happy to see us and Paula felt she was quite lucid.  I brought along some flowers and a card, which David read to her.

We took pictures.
Paula brought along a ribbon that Mom had made 31 years ago for The Ribbon Project, which you can read about if you choose.  There are many other links to choose from.

We took more pictures and Paula reminded Mom about the ribbon she had made so many years ago.  

She not only made the ribbon, which was all hand appliquéd but she and Dad attended the ceremony on August 4, 1985 in Washington D.C., taking with them her ribbon as well as the one I had made.  (I'm still looking for it, it's here somewhere...)  Mom and Paula read the names of the six grandchildren, symbolized by the apples on the tree. 

At some point, we realized there was writing on the back, which David and Paula read out loud.

"For us, the apple tree symbolizes the "Tree of Life".  These apples have the names of our grandchildren, all of whom are most precious to us.  May this beautiful world be kept safe for them - and all living creatures!"  Love - and Peace   Bee

This last picture is my favorite because of the look on Mom's face...priceless!
Thank you Bill for being our photographer.
To be honest, I missed having brunch with Wendy & Dan but it turned out to be a wonderful Mother's Day.  Bee became my "second" Mom when I married her son, Bob, in 1969 and has been my only Mom since my own mother passed away in 1978 and I'm so grateful for her presence in my life.  

The only regret Paula and I had was that we didn't get a picture of the three Wehmeyer women but we plan to go back in a couple of weeks to remedy that oversight.  

From here, we returned to David and Paula's for a marvelous dinner (as always), then home.

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