Thursday, April 7, 2016

Friends, Gelato and the Beach

We met our friends, Archer and Karen Ann, in Venice for lunch at Trattoria da Mino.  It's a cute little place and the food was very good.  We planned to spend some time together after lunch but their tiny little dog, Rocky, wasn't feeling well and they wanted to get back to him so they headed home and we stayed in Venice.  We did some window shopping and got gelato; I wandered through the quilt shop.
 I swear this is some of the best gelato ever!

From there we drove the short distance to Venice beach and sat for awhile on one of the benches.  The beach was quiet and the water was emerald green.  Venice beach is a beautiful beach where lots of people like to pick up shells.
Once we got home, we sat on the deck long enough for Titan to enjoy a frozen treat.  It was 85* and too hot to sit in the sun for very long.

We took Titan for a walk along 41 after dinner and caught sight of a beautiful sunset.

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