Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Saying Good-bye

Wendy and Dan headed home today ;o(  Bill and I were rudely awakened at 2 AM by the septic alarm.  Apparently, the inspector failed to turn it back on after his inspection.  Thankfully, Wendy and Dan didn't hear it!  

They spent the morning packing, Wendy did some work on my neck and shoulder and we took our annual St. Patrick's Day photo shoot.  Thanks for being such good sports.
testing, testing
This one was the best one of Titan but Dan wasn't quite ready.  It looks like he wants Wendy to check if his deodorant is working...
From there, Titan was just bored and it took us awhile to get everyone looking good.
Titan gave up. 
But finally...success!
They drove off around 11:45...miss them already!

Hot again today, temp near 85*.  Bill had walked Titan earlier so after giving blood, we spent the rest of the afternoon inside doing some laundry and cleaning.  We finally sat outside around 5:00 when it cooled off a little and took Titan for a nice walk along 41 after dinner.

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