Monday, March 14, 2016

Dan's First Visit to Corkscrew Swamp

Bill took Titan for a quick walk before we headed to one of our favorite places...Corkscrew Swamp.  We packed our lunch and ate at one of the picnic tables near the parking lot.
As usual, we walk counter clockwise, against the traffic because we think the best stuff to see is at the end, so we start at the end.  That makes no sense, kind of an oxymoron.  It was a great day in the swamp.  

We saw several alligators, pretty close to the boardwalk. 
General, when we see an alligator, it's just sitting there, doing nothing, just being a wild animal.  But today was different, we actually saw this alligator swimming!  It swam right next to the boardwalk and it was so cool to watch.  I even got my phone out and took a movie!  Unfortunately, since I'm so technologically challenged, I accidentally took a movie of myself, with a closeup of my hand and sunglasses, only getting a very slight glimpse of the swimming alligator.  Good grief!  Probably never see another one moving ;o(  duh!

We got a good view of this heron and it's friend, the turtle.
The assorted animals were abundant, or maybe we were just more observant.
Pretty sure this is a male anhinga
Near the end of the walk, there were some nice flowers blooming.
Flag iris?
And a family of raccoons, rummaging around in the tall grass.
I thought it was a super day at the Swamp.  I think Dan is our "good luck charm".
We stopped at Starbucks on our way home, ate dinner early and went to The Top of the Wyvern to watch the sunset, which was nice but nothing spectacular.  From there to the Celtric Ray for Dublin's National Pie Day!  

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