Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Going Our Separate Ways

Wendy and Dan headed out on their own today.  We took Titan for a walk, had lunch at Arby's where Bill bought Titan his own slider!  Dropped Titan at home, changed our clothes and walked from Fisherman's Village to the hospital.  It was 83* but it felt a lot hotter!  

We ran into Wendy and Dan around the Laishley Crab House.  They continued on their way and we went to TT's Tiki Bar for a cool beverage, then back to the car.  

We ate early again, Bill grilled burgers, then all went back to the Tiki Bar for drinks and the sunset.  Unfortunately, Bill drinks Ginger Ale and they didn't have any ;o(
We finished off the day with ice cream from Cubby's.

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