Sunday, March 13, 2016

Forty Years and Counting

Today is Greg's 40th birthday!  Where, oh where, have forty years gone?  It amazes me when I look back at how quickly time has flown.  Greg is such a delight.  He has a quick wit, coupled with a dry sense of humor.  He is a man of few words, but when used, they often make me laugh.  He is a wonderful dad to Ella, leading her safely through a world filled with many dangers.  He is slow and steady in his discipline, often difficult to maintain when dealing with the younger members of the family.  

He has developed a touch of gray at the temples, which makes him even more handsome.  
He shows his artistic side by practicing Zentangle and I love it when he sends me pictures of his latest creation.  

He is a voracious reader, he appreciates nature, he enjoys playing board games and he shares all those and more with Ella.

He's an all around great person.

Happy Birthday Honey!  I sure do love you!
It was very warm today, high near 85*.  We walked Titan from the Dollar General to the parking garage.  We stopped at Publix, I waited in the car with Titan (he was very hot) while the others went shopping.  We ate lunch at home, then the "kids" headed out to be tourists.  Bill and I stayed home and did some reading, I visited with Greg, too.  

We met Wendy and Dan at Hurricane Charley's, then drove over the bridge to park at the Pt. Charlotte end before walking back.  
Such a silly girl ;o)
There were tons of horseshoe crabs along the shore.  It's mating season!
We stopped at the Tiki Hut for drinks and nachos, watched the sunset from the Harborwalk, then to the Ice House Pub for dinner.
Love these two!
We played half a game of darts before being called for dinner.  I don't think Bill and I won ;o(
A couple of winners!
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