Monday, March 16, 2015

Martineaus Come to Visit 3/16/15

Play Ball!  Today is Red Sox day! 

Bill and I took Titan for a quick walk while Wendy and Dan did some reading on the deck.  We left the house about 11:00 and drove to Jet Blue Park in Ft. Myers for a game against the Mets.  
The temperature reached 90* and tied the record high.  Thankfully we had standing room tickets on the Green Monster but under the roof, so we were in the shade.
Looking over practice fields

We grabbed some lunch while they "saved" our places, then we switched places and they grabbed some lunch.
That's quite a hot dog!
It was a decent game with most of the recognizable names starting.
Nothing says baseball like a nice cold beer for $7.25

Vaping?  Who ever even heard of vaping?
We ended up leaving after the 7th inning (Sox 2 - Mets 3) because we wanted to do some shopping and I didn't want to leave Titan alone for more than seven hours.  I'm a worrier, what can I say?  We drove to Bass Pro Shops in a nearby shopping mall so Dan could look for a long sleeve sunscreen shirt.
This one has a waterfall and large aquarium inside.
From there we went to another mall (there are lots of huge malls in Ft. Myers) to the Reebok outlet store so I could look for a pair of sneakers that they both recommend...Nano's.  Whatever.  I found a bright yellow pair, I like to call them my Big Bird shoes.  Originally $119, on sale for $79, with a 40% discount and another 20% AAA discount.  I paid somewhere around $30.  Cha Ching!
Yup, these are YELLOW!
Today Dairy Queen was celebrating their 75th anniversary and they were giving away FREE ice cream cones.  Who doesn't like FREE ice cream?  As luck would have it, Wendy found us a DQ almost right around the corner from the Reebok store.  Way to go Wendy!  The ultimate discount!!!
Yeah, I know, it's not a cone!  They ran out of cones, so we got a cup.  

We were home by 6:00, let Titan out and fed him, watched the news (Sox ended up winning 4 - 3) and went back to The Celtic Ray for dinner, which was their treat.  Not necessary, but very nice of them.  Thank you both!  We watched Dancing With the Stars when we got home and the three of them played Trivia Crack.  I don't play games on my iPad, I waste enough time without playing games.

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