Friday, March 13, 2015

Happy Birthday Honey

Today is my son's 39th birthday.  It occurred to me that although as parents, we routinely tell everyone else how proud we are of our children, we fail to tell them.  So, I'm taking this opportunity to tell Greg, as well as anyone else reading, how proud I am to call him my son.

Greg has always been an easy going fellow, which made him an easy child to raise.  He did well in school, learning quickly and seldom caused trouble.  When we were advised at a parent/teacher conference in junior high that he had gotten a detention, we seriously thought the teacher had him confused with someone else's child! Despite his dip into the "dark side", he went on to graduate as the Valedictorian of his high school class.  From there, he was accepted and graduated with honors from Colby College.

He is employed as a principal technical writer and does things which I totally do not understand.  He is a voracious reader, a trait he is happily passing on to my beautiful granddaughter, Ella.  He enjoys gardening and inherited his father's green thumb.  He loves nature and being outdoors, bird watching, fishing and sharing those things with Ella.  He has a large collection of board games and plays them often, with Ella as well as friends.  I just learned that he is running a 5K race tomorrow.  Go Greg!

He's intelligent, honest, responsible, loving, humane, funny and in my humble opinion, handsome.  Can't really believe he's already 39!  He makes me an incredibly proud mom.  Thank you Greg, for being such an awesome man!

Wishing you a birthday filled with things that make you smile and a year filled with new adventures and things that provide you comfort, happiness and love.

I love you...tons!  Happy Birthday Honey.

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  1. I can't believe I never commented on this!

    It's quite belated, but thank you for the kind words. I love you too!