Thursday, March 12, 2015

Martineaus Come to Visit 3/12/15

Bill wasn't feeling well and woke up early coughing; however, the rest of us got up around 8:00.  After breakfast we dropped Wendy and Dan off at Gilchrist Park where they walked along the Harborwalk to the hospital, while we walked Titan from the Justice Center to the hospital and we all walked back together.  

We ate lunch at home, then went to visit the Peace River Wildlife Center at Ponce de Leon Park.  It is a nice rehab center for birds and other wildlife and every afternoon around 2:30 the pelicans get fed.  Today we noticed there was a Great Blue Heron nest in the trees above the venue.  You have to look closely but it's there. 
We were told by a volunteer that there were four babies and one had already fledged.  Very cool.  

The pelicans are quite aware of feeding time and flock to the gate to welcome the volunteer that has been feeding them for years.  
This enclosure also has some Sandhill Cranes that are disabled, including this one that has a defective beak.
Apparently this is a somewhat common defect and the birds cannot eat when their beaks are deformed but they can be hand fed.  There was also a bluejay with the same problem.

There are screech owls, bald eagles, vultures and lots of other kinds of birds.  If they can be rehabilitated, they are released in the same area where they were found.
From here we strolled along the beach wall to the fishing pier.
What's everyone looking at?  
This little watercraft!  We overheard someone say it had $60,000 worth of motors.  Good grief!

We enjoyed some downtime at home, let the dog out and headed to The Celtic Ray for dinner.  We sat outside on the gliders, had a drink and everyone ordered the fish and chips, which are the best around!
After dinner we went to T.T.'s Tiki Bar, where we had beverages and watched the sunset over Charlotte Harbor.  
Sunset rays
It was a great fun fulled day.

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