Sunday, March 15, 2015

Martineaus Come to Visit 3/15/15

What a busy day we had today!  After breakfast we went to the farmer's market at History Park.  It's a little less crowded than the one on Saturday.  We brought our purchases home and Bill headed to the walk-in clinic because he was feeling terrible.  The three of us decided to walk over the bridge while we waited for him.  It was a beautiful day on the bridge. 
The view from the bridge
I told them there were some really neat lizards at the far end of the bridge, which we saw fleetingly, but they weren't as colorful as in the past.  We could hear them in the bushes and Dan did his best to flush them out for a better look.
He's not a very successful lizard hunter.  Good thing it wasn't Survivor and we weren't depending on him for tonight's dinner.  However, to be fair, Dan did spot several stingrays, a shark and a few Gar fish in the harbor.  Wendy spotted a leaf but it was a pretty leaf!

Dan started jogging on the way back, while Wendy and I continued our walk.  We met up at Hurricane Charley's where Dan had already secured a nice table in the bar overlooking the harbor.  Bill texted me and was still waiting to see a Dr.  We ordered drinks, then decided to have a snack because it was after 1:00 and we were getting hungry.  Wendy and I split a lettuce wedge and Dan had an avocado sushi roll.  Bill arrived about the same time as the food and had a beverage.  The food was good but the service was very slooooooow.  

Bill went to get his prescription at Wal-Mart and we went home to let Titan out, then we met at the Icehouse Pub for a late lunch.  

From there, Bill and I picked up ice coffees at Dunkin Donuts and met them at Gilchrist Park, where we all relaxed for about an hour.  
It's a touch job but as they say...someone's gotta do it.  It started to look like rain so Bill and I headed home but they decided to stay awhile.  Wendy mentioned later that they might have gone by Hurricane Charley's again ;o)

None of us felt much like eating dinner so instead we had Wendy's guacamole and tortilla chips.  

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  1. That was the perfect spot to relax for the afternoon! I like the picture of me reading, I didn't know you had taken it.