Thursday, January 10, 2013

Why I Love Groupon

 We not only got to visit one of our favorite places in Punta Gorda, The Icehouse Pub

 but for $21 we got to eat one starter
deep fried artichokes
two entrees
Bill's very yummy cheesburger (with choice of cheese)

My yummy chicken cottage pie.  Like Shepherd's Pie, only different ;o)
and TWO 16 oz draft beers.  As most of you know, Bill does not drink, which meant that I got to drink 32 oz. of beer.  They no longer offered the strawberry one I liked but suggested two different cider beers
Fox Barrell Brewery Blackberry/Pear Cider on the left & Crispin Cider on the right
I decided on the Blackberry/Pear; a good choice    
I drank ALL of this one
and MOST of this one
and Bill drank two of these
Coke on the rocks
As I was working on my second glass I couldn't help but think to myself "I'll never finish all of this; I'll just drink it to the bottom of the writing."  When I told Bill I would never drink all of the second glass, he responded "Just drink it to the bottom of the writing."  You know what they say - great minds...

To our surprise, they have built an addition, which will be open during the upcoming weekend.
Our total bill for tonight was $4.38 (Bill left a sizable tip)!  That's why I love Groupon.

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