Friday, January 4, 2013

On The Road Again...Day Two

We were up at 6:00 after a lousy night's sleep.  The room was large and clean.  It didn't smell musty, smokey or like other animals had spent the night there.  It was cold!  We turned the heat on as soon as we took our stuff in and the heater ran ALL night but it was never warm.  I slept in my socks!  We didn't complain because, quite frankly, we had the last room at the end of the corridor and it was the perfect location for us.  The mattress sucked, so did the pillows.  Overall I would rate the place 2 1/2.  6:00 arrived way too early, considering I saw 2:15 and several 15's before that.

After a quick breakfast at McD, not because it's great but because it's cheap and fast, we were on the road by 8:25.  The temperature was already 34*.

We traveled through Virginia until 2:15, it's a big state.  According to the AAA Trip Tick, we were on a scenic route and I would have to agree.  I like VA, it's rolling countryside with mountain ranges on both sides.   The Skyline Drive through Shenandoah National Park is on one side and the George Washington National Forest is on the other.

Apparently it's dairy country; we saw a lot of cows and a few horses.
VA is home to James Madison University.
These are the nose bleed seats
Here are some other scenes from today's travels.

Nearing the end of the "scenic route"
We traveled downhill for several miles near the end of the scenic route.  This section is difficult traveling for the many trucks that share the road with us and in the event they should lose their brakes due to the long downhill, there are several safety areas built into the mountainside for them to use in the event of an emergency.
Speaks for itself

Long stretch of road uphill with mounds of loose dirt to stop the truck.
I wouldn't want to use this if I was a truck driver, nor would I want to be in the way if a truck needed to use it.  Unfortunately, I didn't have the camera ready for the first one we saw, it would have been a much better picture.

Looks like fun, if you don't throw up

Charlotte, NC
Charlotte, NC hiding behind the EZPass...oops
Lake Norman State Park

We need to keep our sugar up ;o)
One of us was unimpressed.

Titan's a great traveler but once we get to the motel, he's all wound up and bored silly after sleeping all day.  We brought a few toys with treats and did some Nose Work tonight, still not really enough to wear him out.  I'm glad it's only two nights on the road!

Saw lots of interesting names again today, mostly in VA.  For example...Pugh's Run, Timberville, Rockbridge Baths, Mint Spring and Hanging Rock to name a few.  There was Steeles Tavern where you might be able to get Stuarts Draft.  How does one ever get out of Endless Caverns?  Today's favorites...Fancy Gap and Bees Creek.  

It was another good, uneventful day with the exception of seeing an 18-wheeler blow an inside tire as we were passing by.  Lots of pieces of rubber tire flying around but luckily they were small and didn't cause us any problems.   

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