Saturday, January 5, 2013

Are We There Yet?...Day Three

We enjoyed a very good night's sleep and were up at 6:00.  Titan even slept through the night ;o)  We grabbed a quick bite at McD and were on the road before 8:00!
Enough to gross out Wendy & Vanessa
Traveling through the VA mountains is much more scenic than southern Georgia and Florida. There are a lot of small rivers
Jerico River, GA

Not sure what this is...
or this
Turtle River
One of the things I really like is the wide open skies.  I think it stems from being raised in Colorado where there is plenty of sky.  I sometimes feel claustrophobic in Maine only being able to see the sky right overhead.
There is no lack of road construction

and there are a lot of these retention ponds, which aren't very scenic.  I'm not sure if the fences are to keep people out or animals.
This area loves road signs, which is also not very scenic

The town of Lawtey is nice enough to warn, in advance, of their speed trap. 
Asking yourself what else we saw on the road today?

I missed the only car that was brightly painted
Titan assumed that since we were stopped it meant it was time to get up and check things out.  He sniffed the warm Florida air
Floor-i-duh smells...different
and took the opportunity to see who was following us
Can you get any closer?
I want one of these little trucks

The area around Ocala is horse country and there are lots of huge horse farms.

Today's healthy alternative to M&M's
Then, there in the distance, we saw it...
1 1/4 miles
Our exit, followed by the Peach River, one of our favorite areas to walk.
Along the horizon is the bridge Wendy ran over, twice ;o)
And then, after 1616 miles, 28 hours in the car, 2 nights in a hotel (one better than the other), 3 marvelous McD's breakfasts and numerous potty stops, we arrived.
Home Sweet Home away from home
We left the highway shortly after crossing the GA/FL line so I didn't see as many great names; however, there were still a few...Cathead Creek, Jekyll Island, Horse Stamp, Hero and Gum Slough.  I have heard of ant farms and worm farms but I didn't know about Penney Farms.  There is the iconic Okefenokee and Weeki Wachee.

Exactly two months from today, Wendy will come to visit!  Woohoo!!! and only a month later, we will be back on the road heading north.  Boooo!!!   We'll start thinking about that sometime in March, until then, we'll follow Dr. Jay's prescription and "Go Play".  You should do the same.

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