Monday, March 21, 2011

Update...eagles, "bungalow" & mural

Unfortunately, the eagle update is minimal...there are no eagles.  Although one of the adults was seen earlier in the season, the pair did not return.  Sad ;o(

The "bungalow" has nothing happening on the outside other than some stucco and there is a big sign warning of felony charges for anyone venturing onto the property.  We were going to check out the inside but decided against it.  Actually, Mr. Bill suggested I check out the inside while he waited in the car.  HA, I.Don't.Think.So!

The mural hasn't changed since the last picture was posted
however, there was a nice article in the local paper, Punta Gorda Herald, about the artist.  It answered a couple of the earlier questions.
1)  How does he paint so close?  Answer..."The secret is my digital camera"..."I take a picture and look at it on the LCD screen."  I don't understand how that helps but it appears to work for him.
2)  Doesn't the paint dry out in the sun?  His answer doesn't apply to the paint drying; however, "he also built himself an umbrella contraption that keeps the section of the painting he's working on out of the sun, which can distort the artist's perception of colors."

This mural shows several famous people that once stayed at The Hotel Port Charlotte.  From the left...Clarence Darrow, Henry Ford, Boy Scout founder Daniel Beard, Thomas Edison, golfer Patty Berg, Andrew Mellon and Harvey Firestone. 

The hotel, itself, will be painted on the building next door.

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