Friday, March 4, 2011

I Am Titan - I Sleep on the Bed

My mama and papa are getting easier to man-ip-u-late the longer we spend days and nights together.  I'm enjoying all this attention and I'm glad they don't have a job while we are in Flor-i-duh.  Unlike them, I like to get up a little earlier, not too long after the sun starts peeking through the blinds on the window.  They, on the other hand, like to sleep later because "they don't work and don't have to be anywhere anytime soon."  So, in an effort to get me to sleep later, they have started letting me out of my crate when I start calling to them in the morning and letting me SLEEP ON THE BED WITH THEM!!!!! 

WOO HOO, I wondered just how long I was going to have to work on them.  It turned out to be easier than I thought.  I might have pushed a little too hard this morning; I started "talking" about 4:30 or "Oh Dark Thirty" as they like to say.  I don't think that is going to work again ;o(

Naturally, I assumed that since they were letting me on the bed, it didn't really matter whether or not they were in the bed, too.  Well, color me surprised, when I got myself in trouble because I wasn't "invited" to be on the bed.

I am able to walk very quietly down the hall and leap, again very quietly onto the bed.  The jingly things they make me wear around my neck don't do any jingling when I'm doing something I haven't been "invited" to do.  I made myself a very nice nest of pillows and quilts while I was on the bed and I blend in so well with the copper colored special blanket that covers the bed, my mama didn't even see me when she came wondering what I was up to.   I was very still and quiet and she actually turned around and walked back down the hall because I didn't make a peep or move a muscle.  HA!  I think I was holding my breath but was wearing a big grin when she came around for a second look and I.Was.Busted.  I can tell when I'm in trouble because she uses her LOUD voice.

Sooooo, for now, I will be happy sleeping on the bed in the morning before we all get up and start on the day.  However, I will keep working on them until I can sleep on the bed whenever I want.

My mama is sorry that she didn't take my picture before she used her LOUD voice and told me "OFF" because she says a post is no fun without a picture.  I say she should think about that the next time before she uses her LOUD voice and ruins my good time.

Woof, Woof

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  1. Good job Titan, you finally got them to cave! We are proud of you :)
    Love Amber & Ginger