Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Am Titan - I Am Happy & Spoiled

I was so happy when my Auntie Wendy came to visit me.  I was happy to share her with my mama and papa, too.  We went for walks and rode in the car and she spent lots of time spoiling me.  ;o)  Then she went home and I was sad!  ;o(

Last week, I was happy x 2 when my Auntie Jocelyn and her friend Michelle came to visit ;o)  They spoil me just like my Auntie Wendy (and even more) and Auntie Jocelyn was the first one to save me while she was waiting for my mama and papa to find me and take me home "for the weekend". 

Just like when Auntie Wendy came, I was expected to ride in the waaaaay back.  But I still don't like it back there, so I didn't stay.
I am making my biggest HAPPY FACE!
I was very happy after I escaped from the waaaaay back and was sitting with "the girls".  My mama and papa didn't make me return to the waaaaay back so I got to settle down with my Auntie Jocelyn (she's from May-n).
I think she's almost as happy as I am.
We had a good time while they were here.  They went for a walk with us and I was on my best behavior because we didn't see any other dogs so I didn't have to use my quiet voice and try not to sing.  I even walked with Michelle and gave her my best, trained "heel". 

They spent a lot of time at the beach, where I'm not allowed to go because I'm a d.o.g.  They were home with us every night, tho, and slept in my bedroom in the big, fancy bed.  Now, I hate to say this but Auntie Jocelyn is kind of a "push over".  She liked to get really comfy, snuggled in the bed, talking to EEEE-thun and I liked to jump up and snuggle with her.  She knew the rules and told me to get down (several times actually) but she was too comfy to MAKE me get down.  So.I.Didn't.  I got nice and comfy, too.

Then I heard it, that dreadful noise...my mama's footsteps coming down the hall.  There I was, with no place to hide, caught on the bed.  It was really Auntie Jocelyn's fault because she was more interested in talking to EEEE-thun than keeping me out of trouble.  In fact, she pretended like she didn't know my mama was there, she just kept talking, pretending like nothing was wrong, like there was not a dog lying right next to her.    I had to get OFF and sleep in my crate, all alone, until the sun came up the next day.  That's when I get to sleep on the bed and not get in trouble.  I am supposed to sleep at the foot of the bed, but as I said earlier, Auntie Jocelyn is a "push over".
Sleeping at the HEAD of the bed, resting on the PILLOW!!!
My mama and papa would Never.Have.Known if  "you-know-who" didn't take a picture. 

I had fun playing a joke on A.J. one night when she kind of dozed off and I got on the bed, very quietly, and settled right down.  When she got up to use the bathroom, she closed the door on my crate.  Now, remember, I'm already ON the bed; I'm not IN my crate ;o)  Michelle spoiled the joke!  She asked A.J. why she was closing the door on the crate and A.J. replied that it was to keep me in the crate until the sun came up. Then Michelle turned me in and advised A.J. that I wasn't in there.  hahaha, that would have been such a good joke, to sleep on the bed ALL night because the crate door was closed and I was already on the outside. 

Sadly, "the girls" had to go back to May-n today and I'm sad, again ;o(  It's just my mama and papa and me until we go back to May-n, too.  I did overhear that there's gonna be a play-date for me when we get home.  I'm looking forward to that because I haven't had any other dogs to play with the whole time we have been in Floor-i-duh and that's been a long time.

Woof, Woof

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  1. Oh my God I looove this blog!!! I miss Titan sooo much that photo is great!!