Friday, March 18, 2011

I Am Titan - This Is My Nose

Also called a snout
My snout as it appears when I'm practicing my driving
My snout when my mama tells me to "sit" so she can take photos for her "blog"
A blurry close-up of my snout because sometimes my mama takes too long when I'm "sit"ing
My papa is of the opinion that my nose/snout was getting too dry and cracked and didn't look good on a dog that is "handsome" (at least that's what people keeping saying about me).  So, he took matters into his own hands and bought this stuff.

I'm slightly annoyed that he is putting stuff on my nose/snout that doesn't even have a picture of a dog like me on it.  He says it will make my nose soft.  ugh!  whatever!
This is what it looks like under the cover, after my papa stuck his finger in it.  It's kind of soft and gooey and he says it doesn't small THAT bad.  Well, it doesn't smell like cat poop and it sure doesn't taste like cat poop (one of my favorites) so what's the point?
This is what it looks like when he smashes it all over my nose/snout.  You can't tell but my mama has a good hold on my collar so that I can't run the other way.  You also can't tell that my lip is curled up in an effort to scare my papa.  He obviously is not scared and just keeps rubbing that soother stuff all over my poor nose/snout.  I have to admit that my nose is a lot softer now, which I think makes me even more handsome than I already was.

Woof, Woof

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