Monday, August 29, 2016

Saying "good-bye" Sucks

Five months ago today, Miss Ginger was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given 30-60 days to live, if her mom and dad, Wendy and Dan, did "nothing".  Although they decided against any traditional cancer treatments (surgery, chemotherapy) they certainly didn't do "nothing"!  They researched cancer triggers and diets and homeopathic treatments.  They did everything they could and finally, today, five wonderful months later, they said farewell.  And so did we ;o(
March 2004
This has always been one of my favorite pictures, taken when Ginger was just a few months old and Wendy was a mere twenty something.  I keep it in my sewing room.

Ginger was Wendy's constant companion for more than twelve years, through all of life's ups and downs.  She was her roommate, protector, stress reliever, guardian during the months they lived together in an apartment in NH.  She was the dog Wendy and Dan came home to after saying "good-bye" to Guinness and then Amber.

She lived a good life, always happy to say hello when anyone came to visit.  She was so gentle and loving to all the nieces and nephews when they were around.

Her most favorite activity was swimming, either in her kiddie pool or the big kids pool and she was able to spend many of the last five months taking a dip in the pool, where she would dive and chase the ball, over and over and over, then climb out using the stairs.
She was a very good kisser, too.

She even got to enjoy "fun at camp" one last time!
She had the best ears of any dog I have ever known.
I know Wendy and Dan's hearts are broken and although I wish there were words that could ease their pain or deeds that would help them heal, I know that only time can do that.  And I also know that the deeper the pain, the longer it will take for them to feel better.  

They did what many pet parents cannot do, they chose to let Ginger go before her pain or suffering caused her great distress.  They chose to free her sooner, rather than later.  I only hope Bill and I will be as strong when it comes time to say good-bye to Titan.

Ginger was our grand-dog, we loved her as dearly as we love our own dog and we feel their pain.  Not only because their beloved girl is gone but also because they are hurting and it hurts us to see them hurt so deeply.

Today, Ginger traveled over the Rainbow Bridge...complete, healthy and well.  She was a very special girl and we will all miss her terribly.  
Rest peacefully, Miss Ginger, and swim forever free!

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