Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Fun at Camp 2016

Saturday, 8/6...Arrived around 12:50 to a very neat, clean and HOT camp and were in the water by 2:00.  The temperature was around 91*!
Sat on the dock reading and napping until 4ish, then went for a ride.  Picked up some bread and fresh veggies at Sherman Farms.  Drove to No. Conway...got iced coffees at McDonalds and a bucket for feet cleaning to leave at camp at the Family Dollar store.  We noticed a new Aroma Joe's being built but there was no information about it's opening date.  Picked up hamburger buns at the "sketchy" store in Brownfield and had dinner on the deck.  We enjoyed a very nice sunset, with lots of pink in the sky.
When it got dark, we went into a camp that was still very HOT.  Bill put a fan in the window which helped cool the bedroom down.

We looked for meteors before bed but only saw one faint one.

Sunday, 8/7...Started today with an 8 mile bike ride along the Mountain Division Trail.  The parking lot is a few miles down from the camp and the trail goes to the Visitor's Center in Fryburg.
Saw this license plate in the parking lot...
The trail is paved all the way, with some ups and some downs, overall a nice, easy ride.
The ride took us about 30 minutes, each direction but I did stop a couple of times on the way back to take photos.  
Bill is such a good sport when I stop for "blog shots".
On the way home, we stopped at the Spice and Grain in Fryburg for iced coffees and cookies.  It was our first time there and it's a nice, little natural food store.  

We are lunch at home and were on the beach by 1:45.  We sat in the sun and floated for awhile, then I walked net door to say hello to Phyllis.  We had a nice visit and it was good to see her after a couple of years.  She is 85 1/2 and although she is quite stooped and has trouble walking, she seemed very eyed and lucid.  

We did more reading on the dock, in the shade, while snacking on cheese and crackers.  It looked like rain but it never did.  Even so, we got a nice rainbow.
 I love it when the late day sun lights up the other shore.
Both of us took outside showers, then watched the Red Sox and some Olympics from Rio.

Monday, 8/8...Typical camp day!   Hit the beach about 10:30, sat in the sun, in the shade, in the sun until lunch.  Realized we forgot our floats and ope, they weren't in the camp box.  We floated on the camp double tube, tied to the dock.  It didn't really work very well. We sat on the deck after dinner and enjoyed the quiet of the lake.

Tuesday, 8/9...Sat on the beach until Wendy and Ginger arrived around 10:45.  
We visited, Ginger swam, Wendy and I floated until lunch.  
Throw it mama!
After her swim
After lunch, Ginger stayed with us while Wendy went to visit David and Paula.  They were renting a camp on Lovewell Lake, just down the road.  She was a very good girl!
Doesn't look very comfortable...

We were very happy that they BOTH came to visit.  

Bill made a small fire after dinner and we had s'mores.  I had know idea that they made friggin' square marshmallows to fit the graham crackers.
Nice sunset!
Wednesday, 8/10...Rain in the morning so we headed for our annual "shop in the rain day" in No. Conway.  We were disappointed to find the Reebok store was gone!!!  We did shop some of the other outlet store but didn't find many bargains.  Had lunch at Moat Mountain Smokehouse and Brewing Company  It was good but quite pricey.  Left there, parked in town and had dessert at The Met while we used their Wifi.  Stopped at Hannaford an The Dollar General.  The sun came out shortly after lunch.

Sat on the deck and read till 7:30, had dinner, watched some TV.  Sat outside to see meteors...I saw 4-5, Bill came out a little later and didn't see any ;o(

Thursday, 8/11...Today was the perfect camp day!  sunny, hot and a light breeze.  Started the day with a bike ride on the Mountain Division Trail.  It was 86* when we started , about 10:30 but there was a nice breeze.  We had the trail to ourselves with the exception of one woman walking.  I noticed a lot of lupine blossoms that had gone by, might be a colorful ride in the spring.  
 This is a large, abandoned greenhouse along the trail.

We also saw three cute, little goats lying on a table but they were gone when I went back to take a picture.

We stopped at the Spice and Grain again for coffee and cookies.

We slathered ourselves with sunscreen when we got home and spent the better part of the afternoon floating while secured to the float.  Unfortunately, this was also the afternoon that 15-20 people decided to drink, curse and party in the cove so it wasn't very quiet but it was still relaxing.  

It was HOT today.  The thermometer on the deck said 98* and the one inside said 88*.
Tonight was the peak of the meteor shower.  I laid on the deck until about 12:20 and saw quite a few, Bill stayed out until 1:15 and said he probably saw 30 the entire time.  It was good viewing for a change...clear skies and the moon set early; however, we didn't see 100-200 an hour, which was the prediction.

Friday, 8/12...The last day, already ;o(  
We enjoyed our last morning sitting on the beach and floating.  It was nice and quiet, the revelers must have been hung over and sleeping in.
we had lunch and sat on the deck reading until it started to rain.  
We changed our clothes and drove to Froagies Ice Cream in Fryburg, then to No. Conway to check out the bike trails at Whitaker Woods rec area.  
We didn't learn much other than there are 45 kilometers of trails and we need a pass to use them.  We will have to stop back when the center is open for more info and a map.

Did some cleaning and packing when we got home.  It rained off and on most of the night.

Saturday, 8/13...Continued to rain off and on.   We were all packed by 10:30 and on a sunny day we would have been floating but today we sat inside reading.  I packed all my warm clothes and it was pretty chilly so I was tucked under a blanket.  Wendy, Dan and Ginger arrived about 11:45, Greg and Ella around 1:00.  Everyone ate lunch, then Greg, Wendy, Ella and I played a game.  

For the first time EVER, we had to take our annual dock pictures inside because of the rain.  Hopefully we will take more if we get back up to visit this week.
Three cheers for Ginger!
The worst hair EVER!
We left around 3:15 so they could get some shopping done at the Amish Market.  

Looking forward to next year already.

Thanks for stopping by...

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