Sunday, September 4, 2016

A Bike Riding Kind of Day

Wendy and Dan asked us to join them on a bike ride from Thornton Academy to the Scarborough Marsh today.  It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky, temp in the mid 70's and a light breeze!

We left TA around 1:30 and arrived at the Marsh about 50 minutes later, after stopping to pick some blackberries.
These were a little bitter ;o(
Much better!
We have gotten much better berries in previous years but we decided the drought was responsible for small berries and as Wendy commented..."the seed to berry ratio is a little high!"  haha

From there, straight to the Marsh, which was pretty busy.  There were a lot of people on the water, in kayaks and SUPs but it was quite windy (8 mph) and they were all working very hard against the tide.  Bill and I commented we have never seen the water so high before and we wondered if Hurricane Hermine, off the coast, was pushing more water into the Marsh.
We stopped and took a break on our usual bench, which we were surprised was available.  We took pictures and ate snacks and marveled at the spectacular day.
At least someone remembered the snacks
With our legs rested and our tummies fueled, we headed out of the Marsh and up the hill toward Bayley's Ice Cream.  Unfortunately, Dan had himself a little fall off the bike at the crosswalk.  Apparently, he didn't think he was going to stop, but then he did, right before he forgot to unlock his bike shoes from the peddle.  "Oh Shit!" I believe was his comment.  To be honest, I was too far away to hear him and I didn't actually see him fall, but I did see him picking his bike up off the dirt.  Once we arrived at Bayley's, the proof of his tumble was quite evident.
He went next door to the restaurant to use the bathroom and clean up his booboo; we ordered the ice cream.
This was a LOT of ice cream (and a LOT of calories)!  Dan got back just as his cone was ready but you will have to take my word for it.

This is a new really great water stop along the trail, in the area where we go on our pack walks.  It has a water bowl for the dogs walking on the trail and a section for filling water bottles, too.  Such a nice addition to the Eastern Trail!
We got back to the car at 4:05 with Wendy and I both remarking how much our butts hurt.  

We are so glad they invited us along and glad we said "yes"!

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