Thursday, May 26, 2016

Beach Time

I can't remember the last time I was at Drakes Island, although a visit there with Wendy in the past couple of years nibbles at the corners of my mind.

This is the reason I don't go to the beach in Southern Maine during the summer and love being at the beach in Port Charlotte during the winter...
Because the parking fees are outrageous and I refuse to pay $16 to spend a couple of hours  at the beach!!!
Wells:  $16 any time before noon.  What do you get for your $16?  Lifeguards and bathrooms

Port Charlotte:  75 cents/hour.  What do you get?  Bathrooms, fishing pier, kayak rentals available, horseshoe pits, bocce ball, playground, tennis courts, basketball courts, picnic tables under cover and a swimming pool.  The pool has lifeguards, the beach does not.  

Today, however, since it's before Memorial Day, the parking was free, so I took advantage of it and the beautiful weather.  Bill was in the clinic so I headed there alone.

The tide was out...way out when I arrived around 11:00.
By the time I left, around 1:00, the tide was coming in, along with the people and their dogs.
The soft sand was surprisingly full of rocks.  I literally could not take a step without rocks under my feet.
I'm wondering if the town will come through with some sort of raking machine and scoop up all the rocks before the holiday.

It was really a perfect beach day and I'm glad I took the time to enjoy it for a couple of hours.
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