Sunday, February 14, 2016

We Had a Busy Day...

It was 50* when I got up this morning; however, it was -3* at home (felt like -27*).  We enjoyed a nice, slow morning.  While Bill took Titan for a walk, Greg and I did a little reading.  We left about 11:45, got gas and headed north to the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota.  As it turns out, not only is today Valentine's Day but it was also the first day of the Orchid Show, so it was really busy!   

We started in The Tropical Conservatory, which is where all the orchids are and ended going back through there, when it wasn't quite so busy.

There were several large displays of orchids, providing a great backdrop for photos.
There were over 500 varieties of orchids in this one room and the different colors were amazing!
Photo by Greg Wehmeyer
Photo by Greg Wehmeyer
Looks like a bug!

Some of the blossoms were as big as a hand and others were super tiny.
I enjoy all of the different textures found in the gardens.
Zombia antillarum
Philodendron williamsii
And they have super cool names ;o)

There is the koi pond
Photo by Greg Wehmeyer
Photo by Greg Wehmeyer
We enjoyed the children's section, except for all the children...
and the area that overlooks Sarasota Bay.
What do you see?  What do you seeee? 
I really like this photo ;o)
Not exactly sure what the theme was but there were a lot of mannequins throughout the gardens outfitted in flowers.
We stayed for about three hours, wandering around and taking pictures...lots of pictures!  We also had a bite to eat at the Selby Cafe.  The food was good, although somewhat pricey. 

We left about 4:00, stopped at McDonalds for iced coffees and drove to Venice.  The beach parking was full so we drove to the jetty and were lucky enough to find a parking space!  Continuing our lucky streak, Bill ran into a cousin of his, Richey Kenny, who he hasn't seen in years and years and years.  So weird!

We walked along the jetty and the beach, then decided to stay a little longer and watch the sunset.  So glad we did, I think we have a new Valentine tradition...sunset at Venice Beach!
There is a lot of erosion at this end of the beach but we were able to walk above it until it flattened out.
shell seeker
 It was really a beautiful evening!
Someone couldn't put down their stick (Bill)
The sunset was well worth waiting for...
Photo by Greg Wehmeyer
Photo by Greg Wehmeyer
Photo by Greg Wehmeyer
After a quick stop at home to feed Titan and take him out to do his business, we went to The Icehouse Pub for dinner and darts.
Greg takes aim
Although we didn't finish the game before our table was ready, someone got lucky and threw a bullseye on HER first turn.
and consequently SHE was ahead and declared the winner!!!
Such a good winner...HAHA
Ended the day at home around 9:30.

Sorry for the long post but it was a very busy day!  Thanks for stopping by...

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