Saturday, February 13, 2016

Greg's Visit...Sticking Around Town

Today is the day between two busy days so we decided to stick close to home.  We ate breakfast at home, then headed to the farmer's market.  From there, we walked to The Foot Landing, which is a running/walking equipment store which also sells Hawaiian pressed coffees.  Of course, we had to each have one.  I didn't realize each cup took four minutes to brew and they were only able to brew two at a time, so this took awhile.  Once they were ready, we sat in the sun in the court yard and drank them.  They are quite tasty.

Bill continued to soak up some sun while Greg and walked through the Artist's Artelier, then to Publix, then home for lunch.

We wanted to get to the Peace River Wildlife Center in time to watch the pelican feeding, which I thought was at 2:00 but it turned out to be 2:30.  Needless to say, we were there plenty early, giving us lots of time to take pictures and observe the birds doing what birds do.
Brown Pelican (photo by Greg Wehmeyer)
Sandhill Crane (photo by Greg Wehmeyer)
Great Blue Heron? (photo by Greg Wehmeyer)
Well, it gave Greg time to take photos ;o)

We walked along the sandy beach to the pier, back to the car and on to Fisherman's Village.

Bill was duped into buying fish food although there were absolutely no hungry fish to be seen.
 Didn't stop him from trying tho.
"Here, fishy, fishy, fishy"
Greg captured this Great Egret perched along the dock.  The green on its face only appears during breeding season.
Greg did some shopping for Ella, we all got beverages and took a silly photo on our way out. Guess it would have been better if I had backed up and got the whole fish!
On the way to our next venue, we stopped to show Greg the exercise equipment located along the Liner Park Pathway and of course, he and Bill had to get their daily workout in.
work it, Bill!
From there we drove through Maria Manor to show Greg where my condo is, then to Port Charlotte Beach Park.  We stopped and took a short walk along the beach.
One more stop on the way home...T.T.'s Tiki Hut for an adult beverage.

According to Greg..."With the sun low in the sky and the wind coming off the water, the temperature plunged into the 60s".  hahaha  Actually, my teeth were chattering and I finished my drink in the car.
Greg said "I was just pretending to be cold in solidarity with New England" because it was brutally cold there, while he was here.  He has a great sense of humor.

Bill fixed pasta carbonara for dinner.

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