Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Bubbles and Jordan Pond Trail

T0day dawned cool and windy with high thin clouds.  We headed out around 10 (not bad for us) and it was 59* and really windy!!!  Thought we would take it a little easy today because tomorrow we will be hiking with Wendy & Dan and we didn't want to wear ourselves out.  After some discussion, we decided on The Bubbles.
This is a pretty easy trail, taking us only 30 minutes to reach the North Bubble summit.
Seriously?  How many times will I take a picture with my hand in it?
Jordan Pond was filled with whitecaps today.
 It was incredibly windy, very difficult to keep standing.
There is blue sky in the background but I have on three layers of clothes, including long underwear.

From here we hiked down for 15 minutes, then headed back up to the South Bubble.
This trail was even easier than the other one but it still took 15 minutes to reach the top.  The North Bubble is visible in the background.  We found a place out of the wind, had a snack and soaked up a little sun before we headed down.

It was all downhill from here, taking us 25 minutes to reach the car.

We drove to an overlook on the road up Cadillac Mtn. and ate lunch.  It was so windy that it blew our park pass off the rear view window and it nearly went out the other window.  Yikes.
We drove back to the Jordan Pond House and walked around Jordan Pond before having our annual popovers and tea.
Rock bridge at end of Jordan Pond
Stretching out and soaking up some sun
New wooden bridges at other end of the pond
Wendy and Dan moved into Cottage No. 8 this afternoon; we played SkipBo after dinner.  Bill and Wendy each won a game.

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