Monday, September 22, 2014

A Little Bike, A Little Hike

We started today with a bike ride.  We decided on a route that would allow Wendy and Dan to do some hiking without needing to get in the car and drive somewhere else.  We started at the Jordan Pond House and headed along the pond toward Eagle Lake.  The trail rises fairly steeply causing Bill and I to stop regularly.  I felt bad for Wendy and Dan because they were nice enough to stop with us so it takes them a lot longer to reach the destination.
Jordan Pond and the South Bubble
The morning had started out foggy but it cleared off nicely by the time we got started.  It was truly a spectacular day!  The color of the lake is unbelievable.

We stopped several times along the way to catch our breath and take pictures.
These water plants were green on the top and red on the bottom.

After peddling for approximately 50 minutes, we stopped at the end of Eagle Lake and had snacks.
One of the many beautiful bridges in Acadia
We continued in a clockwise direction around Eagle Lake.  Traveling in this direction is much easier than going counter clockwise; Bill & I learned that the hard way.  We still had to pedal a fairly long uphill section before reaching the trail head for Connor's Nubble and the Bubbles.  We hiked up the steep and rocky .1 mile trail to the top of the nubble where we took more photos, ate lunch and enjoyed the view.  I didn't remember the trail being quick so rocky!  It was made more difficult because Bill and I were carrying our bike bags and water bottles so we had no free hands.  The "kids" helped us by taking the bags and attaching them to their backpacks.  Poor planning on our part.
It's my bike bag, not my purse.
I totally forgot about the panoramic capability of my phone.
Eagle lake with Cadillac Mtn in the background
We returned to the carriage road and went our separate ways.  Wendy and Dan crossed the road and hiked to the Bubbles.  Bill and I rode back to the JPH where we sat in the sun for a little while before treating ourselves (again) to popovers and tea.

We stopped at the store on our way home and picked up crab cakes and potato salad for dinner.  Wendy and Dan invited us to join them so we ate together in Cottage No. 8, a nice ending to a really nice day.

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