Monday, September 8, 2014

Fancy Meeting You Here

Another beautiful day and a nice bike ride to Bug Light Park in So. Portland.  I'm sitting on "our" bench, waiting for a sailboat to clear the lighthouse so I can take a picture.  In my peripheral vision, I see people coming toward us from the other direction and I'm hoping they pass us before I lose my great picture.
Next thing I know, the bikers are stopping right next to us and I'm thinking..."Geez, it's a big park, can't you find anywhere else to park?"  I look up and am totally surprised to see Paula and her friend, Ann.  I look at Bill and ask "Did you call Paula and tell her we were riding to the park?".  "No", he replies.  I look back at Paula trying to figure out what is going on.  

Come to find out, she and Ann were together to do some sewing and it was such a nice day they decided to go for a quick ride outside, before settling themselves inside to sew.

What a nice surprise; great to see you both!

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