Saturday, August 3, 2013

Troy the Foster Pup

I didn't spend much time blogging about Troy because I'm easily sidetracked by Facebook and email and it's time for bed before I know it.  Anyway, to be brief...

In May, Troy was transferred to the Animal Welfare Society from Indiana, along with his sister.  She was quickly adopted; however, it was discovered that Troy had an old break to his hind leg which needed attention.  That's why he came to stay with us.  

He arrived on May 11, with a zebra splint on his leg.

He had surgery to repair his leg on May 23rd and came home the next day.
He was restricted to a crate and leash walking for 8 weeks, although we allowed him some time off leash in the grass occasionally.

We discovered that he enjoyed chewing so Bill regularly brought home marrow bones for both boys and we made sure he had plenty of chew toys available. 
He didn't mind chewing up a good stick, or a small log, either.
 We also discovered that he LOVED water, so we bought him his very own pool.
Once his "house arrest" was over, he and Titan were great playmates, even sharing the Wubba.

Troy and Bill became early morning companions.  Bill almost always gets up before I do.  He lets Titan in to sleep with me and he and Troy spent the quiet, early time together often sharing the couch in the sunroom where Troy snuggled and Bill read.

Bill took him to obedience classes and together we took him to adoption events, hoping to find his new family before we went to camp.

Today, Troy's new family found him and he went home.  The shelter called around 4:00 to tell Bill that he was being adopted.  Bill jumped up, adrenaline coursing through his body, and drove straight to the shelter.  He wanted to meet Troy's new family and tell them what he could about Troy's 2+ months with us in order to help ease his transition.

We are excited that Troy is moving out of foster care and into a home of his own, although he has taken a piece of our hearts with him.  We appreciate that he was never "our" dog, but we loved him and cared for him as though he was.  His new parents are EMT's, cross-trained as firefighters. They work different shifts, so he won't have to be home alone for long periods of time. He will have two human siblings, a horse, a big fenced backyard and a pond for swimming right down the road.  It sounds perfect.  His new parents understand that he is still a puppy and needs appropriate items to chew, needs a consistent schedule in order to maintain his housebreaking work,  agreed that he should be crated when left alone and want to continue his obedience training.

I have spent all evening worrying about him...

Is he scared?
Is he looking for us, wondering where we are?
Do the kids like him/does he like them?
Are they treating him respectfully/have they yelled at him for not understanding?
Did he eat his dinner?
Does he have a soft place to sleep?
Did he get nervous and potty in the house?
Has he chewed something he shouldn't have?
Will they be patient and give him time to relax and settle in?

I forgot to tell them he always had a night light and music when left alone.  Is he afraid of the dark?

I know these thoughts will subside over the course of the next few days.  I just want him to know he is loved!

Good luck Troy.  We are so glad to have had you in our lives!   May you grow very old and enjoy a long, very loving life with your new family.  We will miss you.
Hello Troy  5/11/13

Good-bye, we love you and we will miss you!  8/2/13
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