Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fun at Camp 2013

And fun it was, unlike last year when there was a lot of this...
Rain, rain, go away!
Not so this year, the weather was spectacular!  There was a whole lot of this...
Clear sunny skies and warm temps.  Oh yeah!
There was some rain on Tuesday but we took advantage of it to shop the sales in No. Conway.  

Scott and Trevor joined us for three days, enjoying a variety of water sports,
On their way again once the spider massacre had been completed
a little baseball
Swing, batter, batter
and some quiet, bonding time.
Trevor has gotten really tall and swims like a fish.

 He did, however, grow weary of having his picture taken ;o(
Hello Mr. Grumpy Pants
After they returned home, Bill and I had a few days to ourselves to just chill out, read, eat and relax.

We took a trip around the pond in the kayaks and even tried the paddle boards that David and Paula brought up.
Tunnel to the other pond
Not great form but I didn't fall off ;o)
One of the best things about this camp is waking up in the morning with the pond at your feet, the sun coloring the sky as it starts a new day and the fog that settles over the water during the night.

I love sitting on the water's edge with my coffee watching the fog make curley-ques in opposing directions.

Greg and his family arrived late Thursday afternoon to help us finish out our week.

Diva pose

Wendy even stopped by on Friday afternoon.

It was a great week, looking forward to next year!


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There's always an outtake or two...
oohhh, too close!
Whoa, I'm not ready

some of us heard "funny face" and some of us didn't

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