Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ten Years and Counting

Today marks ten years since I went on a date with the nicest, most polite man I have ever known.  Well, technically it's not really today but since neither of us can remember the exact date (I think it's one date and Bill thinks it's another) he says we agreed on August 1st.  I don't remember that either but I probably did ;o)

Anyway,  we have enjoyed a good ten years.  We have traveled to many places...
Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens...Boothbay, ME
Jamestown Settlement, VA
Abiquiu, NM
New York City, NY
Battleship North Carolina, Willmington, NC
Massanutten, VA
Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada
We've been to Tennessee and Old Quebec, Canada and probably a few other places.  We traveled a lot more often when we were both working full time and we didn't have a dog to worry about.

Sir Titan of Nottingham
We have both experienced the birth of a grandchild...
Trevor and Papa Bill
Ella and Kiki
Both Greg and Wendy got married...
Vanessa & Greg 7/7/06
Wendy & Dan 8/23/11
We are such a good couple, enjoying so many of the same things...
hiking (Mt. Major, NH)
 and biking
Eastern Trail (Kennebunk to Saco)
even laying in the sun at the beach
Gasparilla Island, FL
We are looking forward to the next ten years.  (TEN YEARS...where does the time go???)

Happy Anniversary to the man who loves me more than I love myself.

Happy Anniversary, Bill!  xoxoxo

Love, Kathy

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