Sunday, August 5, 2012

Baseball & Pizza Pie

Not exactly the all American baseball and apple pie but just as good.  We went to the Portland Seadogs game today with the Animal Welfare Society, a so called "Team Building Exercise".  
I blame the hairdo on stupid humidity

Self explanatory
We sat in the picnic area and enjoyed "all you can eat" hamburgers, hotdogs, BBQ pulled chicken, beans, cole slaw, drinks and Seadog biscuits (chocolate chip cookies with ice cream in the middle).  I thought the chicken was really tasty!  We sat at picnic tables while eating but also had regular seats down the first base line.
View from the picnic area fence
View from the picnic area seats
It was quite warm very hot and humid, although there was a decent breeze.  The Seadogs were ahead 10 - 1 when we left around 3:00.  We considered returning home since we didn't really need anything to eat but since Wendy had let the dog out and we didn't HAVE to hurry home, we decided to visit Ft. Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth.  We agreed we haven't been there in years.

What a beautiful day!  We enjoyed the sun and sea smells, sat on a bench and people watched for awhile and walked along the Cliff Walk.
Portland Head Light

Lots of beach roses
View from our bench on the Cliff Walk
They are doing a lot of landscaping and the Cliff Walk area is nearly finished.

It looks much nicer in person with lots of stone walks and outcroppings.

From there we headed to The Flatbread Co.  We arrived early enough that there was no wait and we got a good seat with a nice view of the ferry dock.
I ordered a "real" beer but can't remember the name.  It is, however, served with a slice of lemon.  We ordered the homemade sausage pizza which comes with caramelized onions and other stuff I can't remember either.  Their pizzas are cooked in a brick oven and they are delicious!

You can see the steam rising
It was a great day to be outside and it was nice not to have to hurry home to let the dog out.  Thanks Wendy xoxo

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Today's out take...
I can't seem to get us both in the picture the first time

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