Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I Googled It

Not long ago, Google wasn't even a word and now it can be used as a verb.  Go figure.  For the past few years, Wendy has given me a beautiful fuchsia plant, loaded with blossoms.  Unfortunately, after a few weeks, the flowers are gone and it's really droopy.  Too much water?  Not enough water?  I never know.  I do know that fuchsias like shade and we have plenty of that.  

So, what's a woman to do?  GOOGLE, of course.  Come to find out, fuchsias LOVE to have a steady supply of fertilizer.  So, three weeks ago I started mixing a weak solution of Miracle-gro and watering my plant once a week.  The instructions suggested watering until the water SLOWLY dripped from the hole in the bottom of the pot and advised that the water SHOULD NOT run out of the hole. The first week I mixed 4 cups of water with 1/4 teaspoon of fertilizer and the water dripped slowly, just the way it was supposed to.  The next week I used the same proportions and the water POURED out the hole.  What.The.Heck?  This week I slowly watered with the mixture and waited for the water.  Apparently I am a very impatient person because I just kept watering until the water POURED out the hole, rather than water...wait...water...wait.  Oops ;o)  Next week I'm only going to use 2 cups and 1/8 teaspoon and wait patiently to see if that's enough water.  If not, I'll add another cup.  

The good news is, there are a ton of blossoms on the plant and its looking really good.
Thanks Wendy  xoxoxo
I learned so much about the Fuchsia, I decided to find out how to take care of my Christmas Cactus because they were looking as poorly as the Fuchsia.  Dan's parents gave us the cactus plant when they sold their house and bought a 5th Wheel Trailer a few years ago.  At some point, I split it into two separate pots but they never did very well.  To my surprise, the Christmas Cactus is a TROPICAL cactus, not a DESERT cactus.  They don't like to be dry (the dirt was so dry it was pulling away from the pot, kind of like when a cake or brownies are done).  I repotted them into plastic pots with holes in the bottom because I learned they don't like to be watered from the top.  They also don't like to be in full sun, so I moved them to a shadier spot.  Along with the Fuschia plant, they are looking much healthier! 
The plant looks great!  The pot...not so much ;o(
WooHoo, everything's looking better, thanks to Google!

The astilbe in the shade garden is blooming, too.
I love my little rock bird!
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